Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

red shoes and dance

This morning my wife and I woke at 3ish a.m.  She turned on the television. A documentary called "Five Years" about the years in David Bowie's career between the Ziggy Stardust era and the Let's Dance era. My wife and I both owned those intervening albums, and found the show entertaining.  I liked that Robert Fripp seemed a bit like a really avant-garde retired rural postman. I also liked that Tony Vicounti discussed a "harmonizer" as a kind of miracle when now we would consider it a simple pitch-shifting effect.

I was intrigued that the film covered the Berlin years without a real mention of Iggy Pop, omitting him even from the "China Girl" song-writing discussion.

I fell back as Daylight Savings Time ended. My only glitch was believing I was later than I was based on my un-re-set car clock. I took a good, long walk on the Chisholm Trail. Ring-Billed Gulls flew overhead. I saw a nice man who used to attend my Weight Watchers meeting. I could not remember his name, hoping it would come back to me. Later, someone reminded me of his name, which was a relief. He was a nice fellow, a bit new-age-y, but in a good, spiritual way rather than in a flaky wish-fulfillment way.

I was down .8 pounds at Weight Watchers. I picked up my wife, and we went to church. This week's seminarian was a business man from Germany named Kurt. He told a story about his mother's pub-drinking group [a bit like "Cheers", he said]. He described how the group was horrified by a rape and murder committed by an Afghan refugee. "A German would never do that", some members of the group said. "Yes, perhaps because Germans have killed enough people in the past", his mother rejoined, and the group fell more silent and less judgmental. A nice retired minister from Illinois led communion. She does a beautiful communion.

After church we went to the House Cafe. In the afternoon, I worked on a work project. I watched some sports. I listened to some sports on the radio while I walked in Allen Station Park and in Bethany Lakes Park. I helped my wife choose her clothes for an upcoming business trip she is taking. Tonight I had a good call about an important avocational matter.

Now Thor is playing on the television.

breakfast: cereal and skim milk
lunch: pork chops, navy beans, fruit and vegetable soup
dinner: fried catfish, green beans and a roll.

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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