Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bacall and bicycling

We got up early to drive my wife's car to Car Care Central in Plano for servicing.

I set out at 9:15 p.m. for a 100 minute bicycle ride. As I usually do, I kept a list of the bird species and counts I saw. My count was not high--just twelve or so. But I liked seeing those birds. I also liked the swatches of Autumn color near Watters Branch creek.  I was pleased to see that part of the trail just south of McDermott in Allen had been lengthened. More work is underway. Someday I will perhaps be able to go dozens of miles purely by bicycle trail and not merely lots of miles.

We ate lunch at Elke's, after the parking lot at El Pollo Loco looked so very full. In the mid-afternoon, I dropped my wife off at Car Care Central. I went for a walk in the Trail in the Woods in Allen.  The weather was delightful.

I watched on television as the football team from my college alma matter pulled out a narrow victory against a team from a school called Coastal Carolina that on paper should have been no match.  On Twitter, angry fans called for the coach's termination.  People on social media get pretty fervent sometimes.

Beatrice and I played the game in which I throw her little stuffed duckling toy and she brings it back to me.

I'm rolling through the novel 'The Many". The book gets better the further I read.  I'm a bit over half-way through. Sometimes I do a calculation of what percentage of the book I have completed, using a search engine to expedite the math. I have no need for such precision, but need is not my only navigator.

When I read of a small city with which I am not familiar, I like to use a search engine to look up its tourism promotion page, to see what one does when one visits there.

Tonight we watched "The Big Sleep". It's such a good movie to re-watch.

Breakfast: organic corn flakes and skim milk
Lunch: navy bean soup and a turkey sandwich
Dinner: three soft chicken tacos and refried beans

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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