Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sea novel and oats

The morning had that overcast, misty thing going that I find November appealing. I took an early morning walk on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. I entered on the Orlando Street entrance just north of Park. I liked the way the trees near the creek had lots of Autumn color. We usually only get much Autumn color when we have lots of September chills.  But these leaves looked lovely.

I had lots of meetings out of the office today. After work, I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. The weather had warmed a bit.

I might work a bit this weekend. I might drive to a nearby state park. I might do none of those things.

 I am enjoying reading "The Many" by Wyl Menmuir.

The news discussed the sentencing of Bowe Bergdahl, who escaped imprisonment despite pleading guilty to serious charges. He spent years in Taliban custody. But I was still a bit surprised that he did not get any time. I do not have a strong opinion on that, though, as I did not hear the evidence at trial.

The news also discussed the new tax bills under consideration. So far I hear very little in the way of "tax reform" and a lot in the way of increased deficits due to tax cuts for the well-to-do. I, like most people, could write a bill that cut corporate tax rates and paid for it with spending cuts on inessential things, but nobody asked me to write one. I have plenty to do just doing the things I am asked to do.

Breakfast: oats n honey cereal, skim milk

Lunch: soft chicken tacos, refried beans, a corn tortilla, chips
Dinner: tortilla chips, 6 oz. sirloin, potatoes, grilled vegetables

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