Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a bit much

The weather is really delightful. It's a shame to still be under the weather.  I did walk in Travis Farm Park at lunch (lots of Eastern Bluebirds) and in Bob Woodruff Park at dinner, where I saw my first Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker of the Autumn.'

We let my aunt and uncle in Tulsa know we could not visit them this weekend. Though I hope Saturday brings a bit of relief, I do not want to drive multiple hours feeling this way.

Last night my various medicines seemed to provoke coughing rather than suppress it, making me wonder but not research if something I am on works as an expectorant.

We watched "Chicago Fire".

The news is full of surreal things. A Congresswoman elected to critique the president''s fallen soldier call. I am not a fan of this president, but my view is that "gotcha" analyses of how someone does with a condolence call made by a listener-in is a bit much. The backlash against that Congresswoman, in turn, is also a bit much. Meanwhile, while over 70 percent of Puerto Rico is without power, and one quarter without good drinking water, the president is pronouncing the relief effort a 10/10. He is off the mark.

We slept late yesterday, waking at a bit past when I usually go to work.  The woman who cleans our house, Elke, did not realize we were still at home. She started cleaning. We heard her talking to Beatrice, saying "hello, Puppy". I was pleased Beatrice likes her.

After this month's wi-fi hack nationwide, I am reluctantly browsing to update our phones. Both no longer ger updates from their manufacturer, as each is years old.  Smartphone updates should last five or ten years, not two.

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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