Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

gray day reflection

I got up early to listen to an album and write release notes for it. I really liked two of the five pieces in the album. Our weather has been cooler this week.  I walked in Heritage Park at lunch and watched butterflies fly by. I could not decide if several were Red Admirals or Painted Ladies, though those species are not that similar.

Our mlikweed stand remains a puzzle. The leaves reflect lots of signs of being eaten, but I see neither the caterpillars nor the signs of chrysalis. I hope they are still around.  The Milkweed Bugs remain in evidence.

Today is a "Gray Day". The September Law School Admission Test (LSAT) results came out today. They call it "Gray Day" because the appropriate website has the buttons go gray to signal that the scores are out. I took the LSAT 37 years ago. It was so different then. I did not take a prep course nor even know about prep courses. I knew of nobody but me among my small-town acquaintances who was taking it.  The world wide web had not been invented yet, and there was no mass way to communicate with others about the test. I took practice exams in a prep book to get ready. 

I took the LSAT to give me more career options. My undergrad grades were a B average, and I had heard that I could get into law school with a decent LSAT score even if I had a B average. I do well on standardized tests. As usual with number 2 pencil standard tests,  I got a very good but not truly great score.  But I knew so little about anything--law school "rankings" were not at all a "thing" within my awareness, though obviously I knew that Harvard or Stanford was super-elite, and my local state law school was not at all elite. But I knew that my place was the State U. so getting into someplace higher ranked was not important to me anyway.

One huge advantage in 1981 was cost. In-state tuition at public universities was, even after correcting for inflation, a fraction of what it is nowadays. Reasonably-priced professional school is a casualty of the state neglect of education in pursuit of tax cuts.

Law has been a good career for me. I am grateful that I went to law school when it was affordable.

Nowadays young women and men are so tuned in and knowledgeable about things neither I nor, I suspect, lots of folks my age knew at all.

I texted my 11 year-old niece who called me back. I took my mountain bike to Perfornance Bicycle, where they showed me that the tires held air after all while recommending we replace the tires. I will take that advice.

I walked Beatrice in the dark at 8 p.m. She loved that.

quaker lower sugar oatmeal, 3 slices pepperoni buffet pizza, cucumbers, carrots, dill pickles, pork loin, sweet potato, salad

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