Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Billie Jean Rocks

Last night I stayed up too late. At 4 in the morning I began watching episodes of the original Star Trek series. I woke a bit late, I decided to head into my office. I worked on work matters and administrative matters until around 1 p.m.  Then I drove to a KFC for lunch.  When I arrived home, I decided to take a bicycle ride on the Watters Branch Trail. I enjoyed an 80-minute ride, covering just 6 miles. I got off my bicycle in DaySpring Nature Preserve, a small open-area with trees and CCC-looking replica picnic structures.  I was looking in my binoculars to get a better look at a Blue Jay when I saw a large Red-Tailed Hawk in a tree. I got some nice pictures of this hawk.

In the early evening we met our friends Scott and Donna and our friend (and my wife's former co-worker) Cathy at the Alamo Draft House in Richardson. We went to the movie "Battle of the Sexes".  I like the actress Emma Stone, but I had low expectations for this film. But we all enjoyed it very much.Though parts of the movie were fictionalized, it's amusing to think how much of the oddest details of the film are drawn from real life. I like that an event with the credibility of championship wrestling ended up changing the course of history. I also like that the movie showed all those designs and colors that were part of living in 1972-1973. I like also the way the movie showed that circumstances and choices involve pain sometimes, and that's a difficult thing.

After the movie, we ate at the little Italian place near the cinema. My food was lovely but very plentiful.  We talked about Puerto Rico, the Equifax hack, Bogolusa, Louisiana, a pumpkin patch and Cathy's upcoming choir performance.

In other news, the site did a new launch. I signed in to the new site, only to find my previous purchases missing. The site found them, though, which made me glad.

Also, I like butterflies.

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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