Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tanager, monarch and bug

I found myself a bit weary this morning. I stayed up late watching a football game in which Washington State University defeated the University of Southern California.
For some reason, I like watching Washington State's teams because its coach, nicknamed "The Pirate", teaches his team offbeat formulae to win games.

Beatrice and I went for a walk around 9 a.m. The weather was lovely.

My wife and I went to Elke's for lunch. I really enjoyed my lunch.

In the early afternoon, I went for a bicycle ride on the Watters Branch Trail. When I stopped at DaySpring Nature Preserve, I saw a goodish few birds. One bird, a yellow bird, caught my interest. I thought it was some kind of female Oriole, but later on Facebook the kind folks at a group called What's this Bird? let me know it was a female Summer Tanager. This was my first Summer Tanager this year, to bring my Collin County count to 107 for the year.

Before I finished my ride, I noticed I did not have my cellular telephone. I worried that I had dropped it, so I bicycled home, retracing my steps. I found it at home, plugged into the charger.

Late in the afternoon I rode my bicycle to Green Park. I read in the paper how Green Park is updating its playground equipment. I do not use the playground equipment, though. I look at birds and other creatures and flowers.

My wife pointed out that we have our first Monarch Butterfly caterpillars on our milkweed. We also have lots of Large Milkweed Bugs. The planting has been a big success this year.

I have seen stray migrating Monarchs this year, but the huge waves are yet to come.

After I walked and biked a bit in small Green Park, I rode to Suncreek Park. I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk at Connemara, among other birds at the park. I met a young mom and dad and their 4-year-old son Henry. Henry was articulate, curious and in that phase in which no question goes unasked. He asked me about the reflectors on my bicycle, the spring under the seat, the reasons why the ornamental bumpers rattle and the age of the bicycle. I answered each of his questions. Then Henry showed me how he could simultaneously walk backward and count to 20. I asked him if he could walk forward and count from 20 backward. He paused. His mother said "You've blown his mind". I told Henry that someday he would be able to count backwards and walk forward, as I wanted him to know his life had hope infused in it.

I rode home. When my wife got home we went to Fishmonger's Cafe. This cafe has been around over 35 years in Plano. It used to be in modestly-appointed surroundings but now is in a great new space. We liked it there.

Tonight we tried to watch the first Kingsman movie, but we did not enjoy it at all, and turned it off.

Breakfast: organic frosted flakes and skim milk
Lunch: roast beef sandwich on ciabatta roll and lentil soup
Dinner: grilled catfish, fried pickles, red beans and rice and salad.

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