Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

riding off into the Labor Day sunrise

This morning I got out fairly early for a bicycle ride. I noticed recently a journal entry I wrote a bit over six years ago about buying my bicycle. I left out lots of the best parts, like the salesman to whom I was saying how I like coaster brakes and dislike the more efficient inner tubes of today. I got one of the new-fangled inner tubes, but I was able to have my coaster brakes, an ideal seven speeds and a curious internal gear mechanism that shifts slowly but surely. I've gotten my money's worth from this bicycle already, whether one measures worth in fun or in uses divided by price.

I rode to nearby small park Green Park. I was pleased to see a Mississippi Kite atop an evergreen tree. I got some good photos and decent video of it. Eventually, a Blue Jay with road rage chased it from the tree. The Kite does not eat Blue Jays, but I find road rage is often irrational.

I rode on to Suncreek Park. There I could ride on paved, shady trails. I walked about in a wooded section where I saw Eastern Bluebirds, an Eastern Phoebe and Tufted Titmice.

In all on my bicycle ride I covered about eight miles, and walked another mile or so. I got home around 11:30 a.m. I found I had an email and a text message I was expecting. I worked for a couple of hours on a work project. I finished in the middle of the afternoon. I went for a sandwich at Whichwich. Then I headed home.
I rested and watched the first Captain America movie. I went to Kroger for some bananas and Powerade Zero.

We watched a documentary about the Texas State Fair. Now we are watching the Jerry Lewis film "The Nutty Professor".

My wife heard from her friend Malika that she got the program to work on the computer we gave her that would not work yesterday. I was pleased to hear that she sorted it out.  I look forward to hearing how she figured it out. I understand prayer may have been involved.

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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