Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Great Psychosomatic Gas Panic of 2017

Our area got only a small effect of the horrible storms that afflicted the upper Texas coast and in particular Houston. We got a few inches of rain and some overcast skies. The rain broke our Summer heat, as tropical storm rain does near the first of September each year. The disaster will hurt the local economy in the long run, as Houston digs out of the devastation. Dallas and Houston are interdependent, though sometimes they seem like competing cities.

Today we had a curious thing happen.  We had a run on gasoline.  At least one local radio station suggested that oil refineries affected by the storm would cut production, resulting in higher gas prices. I meant to get some gasoline before this became a possible issue, but I discounted the issue a bit. But today at lunch, all the gas stations near my work were either sold out of gas or afflicted with long lines.

I meant to go wait in line early this evening to solve the issue. I am low on gasoline. But I had to work late on an unexpected new matter. On my night drive home, I again saw long lines or stations without gasolinie.  The radio says it's all a panic,--there is no real gasoline shortage.  But a psychosomatic shortage still fees like a shortage to me.

Today I saw Blue Jays everywhere and popular gasoline pumps.

breakfast: cereal and skim milk
lunch: buffet pizza, broccoli, pickles, cucumbers and carrots
dinner: four cheese ravioli

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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