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brown thrasher

I stayed up somewhat late last night watching the news coverage of the south Texas hurricane, Harvey. So far it sounds as if the damage is heavy, but much less heavy than it might have been. But the key worry with this storm is not confined to wind at initial landfall. The chance of a meter of rain causing flooding in Houston or Galveston during the coming week sounds like a risk still in effect.  Meanwhile, Rockport and Port Aransas got hit quite hard. Only one death is reported so far, but we will see. It was a powerful storm, and more will be known in the coming days. The townspeople apparently did a good job of evacuating.

Saturday morning I re-watched the movie "Defending Your Life", the light comedy with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep which tells a humorous after-life story. I enjoy seeing that movie. I believe the film is now over 25 years old.

Today the sky was overcast and the temperature was cooler. We only got a little rain, as the storms down south had only a tangential effect here. Tomorrow we may get some more rain, and then heavy rain is likely on Thursday, if the forecast is accurate.

I decided to walk in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I put on my headphones and listened to music. I listened to the album "House Plants" by Brynn, the Entertainment for the Braindead album titled "Postcard 2: Songs for the Homesick", part of Verian Thomas' "Median I",  and Phillip Wilkerson's track "Radiance". Then I put on Radio NZ.  Radio NZ National played a song by Pentangle, Magic Sam's version of "Sweet Home Chicago" and Johnny Cash's "Rock Island Line". I walked 4.75 miles round trip, up to Harold Bacchus Park and back again. I took notes of the birds I saw.  I sighted, among other things, my first Brown Thrasher of the year. That brings my bird count this year for Collin County up to 105.

In Harold Bacchus Park, the fields held numerous youth baseball players. As I walked by, I saw strike-outs and wayward pitches. But I did not see any hits. I did see a happy Lhasa running with a bicycle. Later, the Lhasa was a bit tired, and had to be coddled a bit. I think the bicyclist may have mistaken her Lhasa for a Labrador.

I ate lunch at Chicken Express. Then I headed home. I listened to and read two hours of legal education seminars, fulfilling my 2017 Texas Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirements.  I took Beatrice for a late afternoon walk. She enjoyed it a great deal. One little girl asked me "Can I pet him?".  I told her she could pet her. Beatrice enjoyed that. Beatrice always likes kids. Later, a littler boy came up with the same request, and gently petted Beatrice, who enjoyed it.

Tonight we met our nephew and his girlfriend for dinner at Da Won, a good casual Korean restaurant in Plano. We had a good meal and a good visit. We were all glad we got together. I like my nephew and his girlfriend.

Now we are home and I am relaxing while sports plays in television.

breakfast: Mom's Best oats and honey cereal and skim milk
lunch: fried chicken breast and leg, green beans and a roll
dinner: bulgogi chicken, kim chee and various other pickled vegetables

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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