Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

On unwelcome shout-outs, projectors and patchworks of sound

I walked on the Chisholm Trail sidewalk path in Plano first thing this morning. I liked the three American Crows and the young Cooper's Hawk who had a tense stand-off on a picnic table in a park. None of them seemed phased by the experience.

At Weight Watchers I was down three pounds. I like the leader, Bernice, though once in a while she singles me out to point out that I do not "share" enough during the meetings. I suppose every small group must have a pecking order.  My place in the order is to be pecked whatever I say, and pecked if I stay relatively silent. My error this time, apparently, was in my answer to the question along the lines of "how are you doing?"  The expected answer, as near as I could make out, was supposed to be "I'm not gaining weight".  My response, a bit less cheerleader-y than desired, was that I could not say for sure I had lost weight, but the scale would soon tell the story. 

Her reasonable point was that research shows that folks lost more weight when they think about weight loss in a positive light. My reasonable point was that the arithmetic fact of whether I had gained or lost weight today would not be impacted by my answer, 2 minutes before weigh-in, that I had lost weight.  I like Bernice, who is a good leader. I have lost weight during my time attending sessions for which she is the leader. But if I were a bit less seasoned at taking negative input, I might feel differently about things.

On balance, I am okay with how things are, even if I do not volunteer the right things during meetings. I know the secret joy of having an introvert/extrovert mix that makes my degree of outgoing behavior vary wildly from situation to situation. I do not claim that my views are stellar---otherwise, I would be forced to defend my feeling that nothing makes me feel more isolated at a church service than the part when the minister asks everyone to turn and greet their neighbor. I bond better over hymns.

On the way to church, I walked in Oak Point Park. I got pictures of an Eastern Bluebird. After church, I ate chicken, broccoli and tortillas at El Pollo Loco.  At home, I did some chore-type stuff, but not as much as I meant to do.  I will do a bit more tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I decided to work on the piece for a new compilation release in which I am involved. Seven of us will create a song in the first phase, as well as 12 to 18 stems or samples. Then the moderator will re-circulate the samples. we will use our respective samples to make a second piece. Then the moderator will re-circulate samples again.  Each of us should therefore be able to make new pieces from disparate samples.

I used the software tools Sawcutter 2.0, Audacity and Noiser to make a five-minute ambient piece out of 18 samples. Then I zipped the piece and its samples, and, using a third-party transfer service, sent them to the moderator. I was glad to get this done today, some weeks before it was due.

My wife called in the late afternoon. She had given me eclipse glasses for my birthday. But she accidentally took them to Kansas City. I went to a couple of stores, which were out. So I looked up how to make a pinhole projector on the NASA website. When I got home, I make the necessary cuts on a cereal box and made my pinhole projector. I also got some  crackers, which as a kind of less intense way to get to the same goal. Perhaps it is fitting that the glasses were not here, because I have felt a skepticism that they will provide the safety desired.

I am glad that I am keeping our backyard plants in a good watered state. I am ready for tomorrow's partial eclipse. Our local prediction is 76% eclipse.

breakfast: Kix cereal and skim milk
lunch: grilled chicken breast and wing, broccoli and corn tortillas
dinner: three pieces of fried catfish, green beans and two rolls.

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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