Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

prairie day

I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching an episode of "Foyle's War". I woke this morning fairly early.  I was going to hit the road early. Then I saw Beatrice's face. Her face said "please walk me". We walked together in Glendover Park. She enjoyed it. When we came home, some 45 minutes later, she sacked out.

I hit the road to Park Hill Prairie. This is a county park about an hour from my house. As I drove, I listened to a CD by Bill Nelson and a CD of part of a Jeeves novel.  Park Hill Prairie features one of the last remaining local patches of the original tallgrass prairie. I like to walk there a few times a year.  During this walk, I saw lots of Dickcissel birds. These prairie birds captivate me. They were my first sighting of Dickcissel this year.  I walked for an hour there. Wildflowers were in bloom.  Then I drove to another county park called Sister Grove. I spotted no wildlife there. I ate lunch at Dicky's BBQ in Princeton.  I enjoyed that walk. I also stopped at Caldwell City Park in Princeton, the old P.O.W. camp. I saw several bluebirds before a rain drove me from the field. I got a shower at home. Then my wife and I went shopping. My wedding ring fell off in July 2016 when i spoke at a conference in Washington, D..C.  We set off to get a replacement.  We went to Stonebriar shopping center in Frisco. The massive parking lot was nearly full. We had forgotten it was tax-free weekend
We decided not to go into the mall. We went instead to a nearby Jared jewelry store. A capable young woman helped us not only replace my ring, but get my wife a ring that fit her better. We left the rings with her for minor alteration. We drove to San Miguel in McKinney. for a nice Mexican dinner.

This was a very nice birthday.  My wife got me a charming card, and two CDs of post-punk and electronica music circa early 1980s.

breakfast: purple corn flakes and skim milk
lunch: BBQ chicken, green beans, jalapeno beans and roll
dinner: two chicken enchiladas, salad and bean soup

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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