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wing nut installation

I got up this morning with the intention to hop in my car and drive to a rural state or county park. But in the event, I felt starting the morning with a walk with Beatrice provided a better start to the morning. Beatrice and I walked in nearby Glendover Park, a short walk from our home. The walk takes a mile and a tenth of a mile to traverse. Beatrice used to take half an hour to do this circuit. Today, as is the routine lately, the walk took fifty minutes. I cannot testify with certainty whether this new timing is all the physical effects of old age, or in part the wisdom of old age. We got a mild break from the heat today, though a "cold front" here translates into hot but not quite as hot rather than cool.

During our walk, we passed near the trunk of a tree. A fox squirrel clung to the tree, a few feet up. Beatrice felt excited to see this creature, but through my efforts, Beatrice got denied the chance to make a proper leap.

I went back home, did a bit of work, and began listening to music. I listened to ambient music in the main. In the late morning, I went to Home Depot. I had missed last week on a couple of nut and bolt purchases to do minor front fender repair on my bicycle. But in my failed effort, I had gotten the right width to put a bolt and wing nut.  I acquired that bolt and wing nut, and got checked out by a nice woman whose ID badge said Edna.

At home, I successfully re-affixed the fender to the frame. This repair replaced the stick that replaced the stick that replaced the stick that did years of service as a repair stopgap. I was delighted with myself for getting it right.  In our family, my wife is the handy and efficient one. I wish I could say I am completely inept, but the truth is more time-consuming. I can do many handyman things, but I am slow and a bit more subject to trial and error.  So I feel the need to slog in, but in slogging I am not rapid.

When I saw the bike was in such better shape, I felt I had to try it out. I headed out at 11:55 a.m. for a ride. I rode on the Watters Branch Trail and the Urban Center Loop Trail. I rode for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I saw a few bird species. I only got one decent picture of a Great Egret.
I thought I saw a White-Eyed Vireo, but camera work suggests it is either an Eastern Phoebe or an Eastern Wood PeWee. I must parse it out a bit.

I went to Taco Bell for lunch. After lunch, I went home and listened to more music. I got into a discussion on Twitter with a Twitter person I follow about the day job v. the artsy job issue.  I am grateful that I like my non-artsy day job.  I know not everyone has the good fortune of a job or a job they like.

My wife had gone to see the new Charlize Thereon action movie "Atomic Blonde" with a friend. I passed on that movie because it looked too violent to me.  When she came home, we headed to El Pollo Loco for dinner. The staff at El Pollo Loco seemed a bit overwhelmed on a busy evening, but the chicken was good. 

We walked after dinner in Glendover Park. Now we are watching an episode of "Foyle's War".  This has been a good day.

breakfast: frosted flakes and skim milk
lunch: three soft shredded chicken tacos
dinner: two grilled chicken breasts (skin removed), one grilled chicken wing, two corn tortillas, broccoli

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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