Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Making Samples

I walked on the Chisholm Trail before Weight Watchers. I saw a Snowy Egret wading in the shallow water. A Green Heron looked on, as if to warn the Snowy Egret off. I had heard Garrison Keillor do an effective narrative on NPR about the Detroit riots, the issues created by the police, and the aftermath for Detroit of the riots.. He mentioned the Poetry Magazine Podcast. So I listened to two episodes. Sarah Gambito read her two poems titled "Citizenship", which effectively used imagery rather than polemic to discuss new citizens. In the discussion portion, she discussed how her family members voted differently in the elections.  Oliver de la Paz read his poem "Autism Screening...", in which he gave more descriptive answers to questions he received in real life to help him assess if his child had autism. I liked both podcasts. I should listen to more poetry podcasts.

I planned to gain a bit of weight this week, as I was near the bottom end of the 10-pound bracket set for me by my doctor. I meant to gain 2 pounds but gained 3.2 pounds. My "science"  proved inexact.  I walked around the lake at Oak Point Park in Plano after Weight Watchers. I liked that the little signs now say that kayaks and canoes are permitted on the lake.  Maybe someday I will own a kayak.

I went to church. I was pleased that the associate pastor Jessica Wright gave the sermon in the pastor's absence. She proved a fine speaker. She closed with a talk about learning to be less judgmental.  She said that even if one's first thought is autonomously snarky or judge-y, one should strive in one's second thought to see them as humans (her exact words probably invoked God's love more eloquently than this post has done).

After church, I stopped at KFC.  Then I went home.  During the afternoon, I worked on a music project involving a friend in the UK.  I created seven sets of samples using software and various samples I created.  The samples all turned out complex and interesting. I am not sure how useful they will be for my collaborator. But I'm sure he'll have fun.  I did take a break to throw Beatrice's tennis ball.  She fetched it, like her customary good dog self.  I used the software Noiser, Sawcutter and Tunafish.  I like Noiser, because it has an element of random algorithms about its composition process.

I noticed that we were out of mini-dog-bones and dog treats.  This situation was intolerable. So I ran to the Kroger. On the way, I walked in Green Park, a little park near my home. I saw few birds, but got some good pictures of a male House Finch.

Now we are watching Grantchester.

Breakfast: skim milk and frosted flakes
Lunch: grilled chicken, green beans and half a biscuit
Dinner: two roast beef sandwiches on bolillo rolls with provolone cheese

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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