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Hero, Bunting, Rain and Hampton

I post to Dreamwidth but mirror to LiveJournal. I think of my journal as a LiveJournal.  I like that Dreamwidth's "search entries" function reverted back to the version that worked well.  I think this function was lost in whole or in part by the "improvement" of LiveJournal.  I find that people often modernize things away that people prefer to use, usually in the name of freshness or style. My style, as the former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov said, is that I have no style.  I wish Dreamwidth had better photo handling, but I will take the trade.

I like being able to easily find things that happen in the past. It reminds me to describe things so that I can find them later.

This morning I worked in the wee hours on a work project.  But I still woke up early and ate toasted rice and skim milk. I took Beatrice for a morning walk. Though the forecast was favorable, I saw clouds setting in, coming down from the north.  Soon after we arrived home it began to rain. As my wife slept in, I sat on the dry part of our back patio and watched it rain.  Beatrice poked her head out the doggie door to see what I was doing. She did not see the virtue in sitting in a patio chair and watching the rain.  But I did.

By 10:45, I put on my bicycle helmet and headed out on my bicycle. Everything was pleasant and the birds were singing. I had one problem in the wet aftermath of the rain.   I pedal slowly. But as I crossed a small wooden bridge on the bike path, I put on my brakes. My bicycle hydro-planed (at a stunning speed of six miles an hour).  I slid down on the ground. I got a couple of small bruises. I was not hurt. I did get a little muddy. I consider it a mudpack of courage.  A nice man walking the trail asked me if I was okay. I told him that  I was, and thanked him for this concern.

I did notice that the stick I had put in years ago to fill in for a missing bolt was dislodged. Providentially, another stick appeared, which fit perfectly in the bolt hole.  I hope it also lasts for years. Perhaps someday I'll get a proper nut and bolt instead.

I rode the Watters Branch Trail and both of the Urban Centre Loop Trails. I figured out how to loop back on both loop trails, and concluded perhaps their names were not misnomers after all.  My android fitness app told me that I rode 8 miles at the stunning speed of 6 miles an hour for something over 87 minutes.   I really liked some of the things I saw--a Cooper's Hawk, a male Painted Bunting, and a fox squirrel dangling from a tree, tenuously holding the huge fruit of the Bois d'Arc tree. I wanted to take a picture of the Painted Bunting, but it flew to another tree. I heard its trilling song.  I watched a rambunctious Carolina Wren instead.

My wife and I went to El Pollo Loco, where I had white meat chicken, corn  tortillas and broccoli.  Then my wife went to the Sephora store in J.C. Penney.  The women helping customers wore garlands in their hair, a bit like an episode of Star Trek (the original series) or a hypothetical Merchant/Ivory film about a remote Kentish girls' school.

In the afternoon, I worked some more, which made me happy.  Then we drove to Plano to see a movie.  First we went to a sandwich shop called East Hampton. I had a great turkey sandwich on wheat with great potato chips.  My wife had the same on a neat roll.

We went to see Brett Haley's movie "The Hero", a vehicle for and homage to character actor Sam Elliott.  We really enjoyed this film.  In addition to being a showcase role for Sam  Elliott, I thought that Laura Prepon did a great job--a real step forward for her career. Also, Krysten Ridder got a chance to effectively play someone a good bit different then  the range of characters she usually plays.  Nick Offerman was also a lot of fun in this movie. I liked that though the movie was about a different, higher tier (but relatively not-high tier) of the entertainment business than that of my few friends who were in that business, I could recognize the places and the feel of things.  Though the plot had some well-traveled themes, the understated way the players played their roles plus the sense of heart in the script made it all great fun and yet a reflective film.

At home again, I called Beatrice in from the back yard. She lies on her Mississippi bed beside me now. I ate a Skinny Cow fudge bar and all its right with the world

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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