Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

more moraine

We had a great breakfast at a neighborhood place near our hotel. Then we headed out to Theresa, Wisconsin. We stopped in a cheese factory there.  We hoped to see cheese being made ,but we instead only saw a roomful of idle machinery.  There was no browsable space, as the cheeses were in a small area.   So we headed off across the way.  After watching a pair of Green Herons near a river, we went into a chocolate artisan shop, The staff was great there. I had a caramel sea salt small chocolate. My wife had a coconut chocolate item. We liked the place. A kind soul at the shop showed us some local things to see, and corrected when I pronounced Theresa like the American 20th C. name when the real way is more like a European way sounding the 'h' and making the second "e" a bit like an "a" sound.

We drove to Long Lake, in Kettle Moraine State Park, Northern Unit.  We climbed Dundee Mountain, which sounds like a feat, but Dundee Mountain is not a mountain but a kame. We liked learning about kames and moraines and eskers and drumlins. We learned a lot about how the Wisconsin glacial advances shaped this area. We saw a beautiful White-Tailed Deer fawn in a wetlands field. Then we walked the Lake-to-Lake trail, which was lovely. We saw a Baltmore Oriole and an Eastern Phoebe, among other birds. We went to the Ice Age visitor center, where we saw a film that helped us understand some basics about glacial activity.

For a weekend near the 4th of July, the park was not crowded. We had a good time.

We took a nap and each of us grabbed a shower.  Then we ate dinner at a local little family restaurant. The staff talked about how business was light, because the Saturday evening "first church service" patrons had not arrived yet. We liked our meals.

Then we drove to the Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Reserve. The visitor center was closed.  We had a good time walking the trails and a boardwalk. We saw Tree Swallows, Red-Winged Blackbirds, a Common Yellowthroat, Eastern Kingbirds, and a turtle. We had a good time. We look forward to much more marsh tomorrow.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, ham, "American fries" (i.e., skillet lightly-fried home fries), and sourdough toast
Lunch:  gone hiking
Dinner: french dip sandwich and a cup of vegetable soup

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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