Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the other edge of 17

This week marks 17 years since a law partner and I founded our law firm.  Our goal was to practice law in a sensible, human way, and to leave behind some of the pressures and stresses of our prior legal experience.  We chose a large suburb where my partners had his roots. We hoped to serve a population that we felt was under-served by lawyers with our practice experience. We liked work and sophisticated issues. We disliked firm politics.

Our business plan worked. We never really experienced a moment of doubt.  I think with fondness of our start-up years, when we built our clientele.  We each brought some business, but we originated much more business. Now we have four lawyers rather than two--another partner and an associate. We  get to help clients across a broad spectrum. We represent folks with the smallest problems and companies with the largest problems. We like it that way.  Of my 32 years in practice, over half have been with this firm. I am so glad and grateful that my law partner started this firm with me. I remember sitting in the Texas-diner-style place in downtown Garland, looking at Microsoft Works budget spreadsheets and tracing out ideas on napkins.  The rolls were good at that diner. I thought when we started that what I did for a living in terms of cases would change a lot. It all worked out fine, though, and I got to play to my strengths. My partner, meanwhile, changed specialties a bit and it worked out great.

Today we three law partners and my fellow founding partner's son-in-law went out for lunch. His son-in-law is a lawyer in another Texas city. I like the son-in-law a lot. He seems to "get" that life is a bit more than law.T

I felt a little better today, but the slightly irritating symptom of an easy cough to the slightly irritating symptom of a sporadically runny nose. I hope tomorrow for more improvement.

I came straight home without stopping for a walk, in another mild bow to taking things easy.  We are watching "Downward Dog" after watching a PBS Chinese history special. I sent a facebook message to a beloved niece to wish her a happy birthday.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

breakfast: instant oatmeal
lunch: trout, cole slaw, and mixed vegetables
dinner: oven-baked chicken, smashed potatotes and broccoli

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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