Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

legroom and under the weather

I got up early this morning. I walked along the Chisholm Trail.  I went to Weight Watchers. I was two pounds down, though I had not intended to lose weight.

I walked in Oak Point Park. Then I went to church. The associate pastor was preaching today as this was his last Sunday before he transferred. He had spent fifteen years with this congregation before being transferred to a church in the next town over. He and his son played their guitars, another son played the drums, and his wife sang with the singers up at the front of the church. Two people I knew from the church said "hello", which made me feel a a bit less of a stranger.

After lunch, I walked a bit in Bethany Lakes Park. I listened to a Google Play Music "radio" station set to "gentle giant", which played a lot of 70s progressive rock, as I walked. Then  I headed home.

I am a bit under the weather. I have a bit of a cough. I hope it is not a light touch of bronchitis. I rested almost all afternoon. I will rest more tonight, and each evening this week.

My wife fortunately picked up that there was a problem with our flight reservations for our upcoming trip. I had made an a.m./p.m. mistake. I got on the telephone with the airline to fix that.  It cost a good bit more than I would have liked, though I take some consolation in the fact that the 'fix" upgraded us to business class. If one is to pay an arm and leg for an error, one might as well get legroom for one's troubles.

We watched an episode of "My Mother and Other Strangers" on PBS. Now we are watching "Grantchester".

Today is my late mother's birthday. If she were alive, she would be 84. I thought about her today. She meant a lot to me.

breakfast cereal: toasted rice and skim milk
lunch: fried chicken breast, a roll and green beans
dinner:  ravioli, a small glass or orange juice and salad

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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