Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

suncreek and 10 dollars

I worked a hard day today, with good results.  I did not have to work very late, though. I was able to leave the office by 6 p.m. I did a little work at home, but it was the good kind of work.

I walked in Suncreek Park in Allen. I bought bananas at Tom Thumb. I won ten dollars on a Texas lottery scratch-off card. I read a few dozen pages of Leonard Richardson's science fiction novel "Constellation Games".

We hired some fellows to spruce up our small garden areas in our yard. Now new borders and mulch abound. It looks good.  I am pleased that the Milkweed is coming up, too. I hope we get more Monarch caterpillars later this year.

Beatrice went to the vet for a spa day. She got her toenails done and got de-shedded. Her hair stays the same length, but her de-sheld looked good.

Breakfast: toasted wheatful cereal and skim milk
Lunch; garden vegetable soup, turkey sandwich and baked chips
Dinner: smoked turkey, turnip greens, a roll and ranch beans.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)
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