Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Words and words

I breezed through Andrew Kaufman's novel "Small Claims" in four days.  I liked the book--a comic literary novel that kept me reading in large swaths at a time.  I got this book from a small Canadian non-profit press called Invisible Publishing. I like the e-reader program on my laptop, and I like having DRM-free e-books that let me read them with ease.

I began the next novel on my list, Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson, While I breezed through the first 25 e-pages, my e-reader reports that the work is 705 pages long. So this may take a bit more than a 4-day weekend. I never am sure how e-pages compare with paper pages. Some of it is a matter of font and setting.  There are probably all sorts of conventions about this, but they are unknown to me.

I spent some time looking at bicycle paths on maps for our upcoming vacation. I was thinking that one .pdf of a map was of unsuitably low resolution.  Then I noticed that the .pdf document's title had low-res embedded directly into it.

I walked in Shawnee Park before Weight Watchers. I walked in a particularly wooded creekside section in Oak Point Park between Weight Watchers and church. I meant to get out this afternoon.  But I fell asleep on the sofa.

Early this morning I wrote a note to the minister to applaud the decision to continue The Way fellowship hall. I also asked if we could keep the musical component.  I went into too much detail about my opinions, though I did edit the e-mail down and make clear that I understood the 
competing concerns. But I have learned recently that it is sometimes good for an audience to write concise feedback to someone who might get a dozen such emails.  On the other hand, I sent a concise email to a podcast host I like disagreeing on a guest on his podcast's positions, and that podcast host graciously sent me back a suggestion I send a longer explanation.  So things differ in each context and in each situation.

I went to Sprouts for bananas, pineapple and romaine lettuce. The fish counter closed just before my arrival, thwarting a salmon goal.

We watched a Christmas episode of "Grantchester" on PBS.

Breakfast: Kix cereal and skim milk
Lunch: grilled chicken, green beans, kernel corn and 1/2 biscuit
Dinner: an interesting lamb sandwich and fresh pineapple.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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