Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

novels and long drives

The past few days I enjoyed following the progress of my law partner's teen grandson. He got a last-minute invitation to play in a prestigious junior golf tournament on very short notice. Despite being the lowest-ranked player in the field (literally, the alternate), he found himself tied for first in a field of over 100 golfers after 10 holes in the first round.  Sadly, his result deteriorated a bit from there, though he played pretty well on a very tough course.

The miracle of the internet means that the entire tournament's scores were posted hole-by-hole in near-real-time. Yesterday the noble grandson, a good fellow, found himself a stroke or two below the middle. This mattered a lot in the third round, because only the top half, give or take a few, survive the dreaded cut.

For the longest it looked as if he was at the top of the half that survived the cut. My partner and I worked out various permutations, and soon decided that he had ensured his spot in the fourth round. But something changed, and the scoreboard finished with him missing the cut by one stroke. I missed being able to follow his progress during today's fourth round.

My two law partners and I went to lunch together. One of my partners and I started our small law firm just shy of 17 years ago. We have had a good run, doing interesting work for fair pay with a bit more life/work balance than the firms from which we came. Just about 17 years ago, I set out with two dogs to drive from Los Angeles to north Texas.  Our dogs when were Scout and Teddy. we had a grand drive together. I have only driven the California to Texas route two or three times or so. But I like it each time I drive it.  I would like to drive it again, for leisure. But we are unlikely to do that, as my wife does not enjoy long car rides.

I bought the e-book "Small Claims" by Andrew Kaufman from the small press Invisible Publishing. I'm about 60 percent through it, and enjoying it very much. It's set in Toronto, a city I've always wanted to visit. I have only been to its airport.

I walked tonight in Bob Woodruff Park, where I saw a White-Breasted Nuthatch among other birds. A group of middle-school age kids danced in the huge picnic pavilion. A recorded voice sang "Jailhouse Rock" in a non-English language.

Tomorrow I must beat the heat.  I must also buy birdseed. I think I can do both.  I do not mind if the heat wins.

Breakfast: 2 packets of intant oatmeal
Lunch: turkey sandwich and baked chips
Dinner Pechuga Laredo and salad and tortilla chips

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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