Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sad news and small claims

Wednesday I worked a solid day, and walked a solid few miles. I listened extensively to the news of a tragic shooting of a Congressman, police officers, and staffers at a practice for a charity baseball game. I  also listened a bit to the story of a UPS worker who went to work armed, killed five co-workers, and then shot himself. I watched images of a huge apartment tower in London on fire, and then read tweets by people with no factual basis making wild conspiracy-theory assertions about the fire. The strife and hurt is palpable.

After work I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve, a small city park in small Murphy, Texas. I took some interesting pictures of a small, young Great Crested Flycatcher. On the way home, I stopped by Panera to pick up dinner.  My wife is ill, with a minor but annoying cold. We ate dinner and then she went back to bed. 

This morning I went to on-line drm-free advocate Kevin Beynon's site to find more DRM-free book publishers. I like DRM-free on principle, as I dislike any digital impediments to reading ebooks.  I particularly prefer to buy books I can read on my computer's ereader software. I do not use software to alter formats for books to "crack" DRM. I would rather just buy from people who do not use DRM. After browing a few websites, I liked a book I saw on a website for a small Canadian literary press called Invisible Publishing.  I bought Andrew Kaufman's novel "Small Claims". I read the first sixty or so pages, and find myself to be enjoying it so far.

My meals yesterday:
breakfast: "toasted wheatful" cereal and skim milk
lunch: a turkey sandwich and baked chips
dinner: a turkey sandwich and a baguette

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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