Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

new helmet

After a morning bowl of Kix Cereal and skim milk, I hit the road to the Chisholm Trail off Orlando Street in Plano.  I walked for nearly an hour. Near the walk's end,  I saw a Cooper's Hawk perched in a nearby tree. As I took pictures, a number of walkers gathered to look at the hawk. They were nice people. They discussed the wildlife they had seen on the trail--nutria, bobcats, and opossum.

At Weight Watchers I was down a bit over a pound. This brought me over 100 pounds lost again. I will probably bounce back up a little. That is usually what happens. 

At church, the pastor outlined a way to keep the Way service going as a kind of experimental preaching lab for seminarians and other up-and-coming ministers. I like that idea. I will write to the senior minister in support of that idea.

After church, I ate a a grilled chicken breast and wing and green beans at KFC.  Then I headed to Allen Station Park and took a walk.

A couple of years ago, we had some renovation and repair work done on our home. My bicycle helmet went missing in the repacking. I found a really good deal on a new Schwinn helmet,  I decided not to wait until the original helmet turned up.

I wore the helmet on a short bicycle ride this evening. It worked well, after I adjusted it for size a bit.

I thought about the time when Schwinn bicycles symbolized American-made products. Since 2001, the name serves as a trade name for bicycles made in China. When I was a kid, Schwinn meant "American bicycle", Zenith meant "American electronics" and Craftsman meant "American tools". Schwinn no longer make bikes in the US and Zenith is owned by South Korean company LG. Craftsman is still a US concern,though it is now owned not by Sears but by Stanley, Black & Decker.
I have not owned a Schwinn in years, but Schwinn inspires favorable feelings in me.

Tonight we ate subway turkey sandwiches and chips. Now we are watching Blue Bloods re-runs. I shopped a new ebook, after an earlier purchase of a sci-fi from a small press came with a zip file I could not un-zip.  I wanted a non-drm book, and settled on a sci-fi title on Smashwords. I'm rolling through the first pages this evening. 

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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