Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bike ride

This morning I hit the bicycle path at 8:15 a.m. I rode my bicycle from my house to the Ridgeview trailhead of the Watters Branch Trail, It's a wide sidewalk bicycle trail that runs by a creek. I bicycled from the Watters Branch origin, took the Urban Loop Centre trail until its turnaround point ,and then rode all the way to Bethany. I made liberal stops for bird-watching.

I like that Google Fit tracks my time, distance and mileage.  I took it very leisurely--two hours and 15 minutes riding for 9.5 miles. My average was less than 4.5 miles an hour. I ride for the fun/kilo and not for the kilos/hour. I saw a dozen species of birds, of whom a Cooper's Hawk was the most imposing.

Around Noon I took Beatrice for  a walk. It was just a little too hot for my little dog. We did  walk from shady tree to shady tree" format walk. I asked her if she's rather go home, but she assured me she was in for the entire walk. The walk in the park used to take us 30 minutes. Now it takes 45 minutes. In the heat it took 50. I am glad I have a dog who can walk at all.

I meant to go buy a new bicycle helmet, but never quite got going.  I did re-read C.P. Snow's essays about Tolstoi and Charles Dickens. Both men lived such complicated personal lives.

This evening we went to Subway sandwiches. Then we went to see the movie "Wonder Woman". We liked the film very much. 

Our bedroom TV screen went dark.  I suppose it will need repair or replacement. But I am in the living room, a little black dog beside me,and that TV is working fine.
(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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