Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Hocus Pocus Erewhon

The rain this morning proved light, steady and pleasing. When I went to put out birdseed, I did not gracefully place it on the tiny garden bench we call "Scout's Bench". Instead, I more or less flung seed in the general direction.

Later, I saw a Mourning Dove under the little 18" tall bench, feeding. The neighborhood Cooper's Hawk suddenly landed on the back fence. He's a charming-looking fellow, somewhere in the region between not quite adult and just adult. I worried he would see the dove, but the dove and he remained oblivious to one another. I have seen Mourning Doves (understandably) panic near Cooper's Hawks. But this time no needless feeder soap opera erupted. I am glad. I am all for raptors in principle, but I did not want to see him attack the dove.

I ate a cereal called Erewhon, which tastes like a sweet corn cereal, hold the sweet. I checked the Clongclongmoo website for new netlabel releases. I found an interesting release on the Electrolyt label by an artist named Torin Bell called the Rain EP. I was drawn to the cover by artist Susana Licéaga. I was also drawn to the description of the music as being in the intersection of hip-hop and ambient. I pondered this, because I think of the intersection between downtempo and ambient as trip-hop. But when I downloaded the EP, I found that it was more like downtempo melodic electronica with some hip-hop influence. I like this kind of instrumental music--three light songs that clock in collectively at less than nine minutes. I listened to the three tracks and tweeted out a brief appreciation.

On the way to work, while in heavy traffic, I asked Google Voice to "play me some Be Bop Deluxe". Instead, Google Play Music began playing me a lot of early 70s and mid 70s progressive rock. It was a great sampling of its era--an Atomic Rooster song, a Focus song (like being lost in an art school keyboard), a very pleasant Anthony Phillips song, a Steve Hackett song (with more than a little Satie debt), a Bill Nelson solo song ("Love's a Way" from his debut micro-label Northern Dream release--a song I like), a Wishbone Ash song, a Phil Manzanera song, a Strawbs song, a trippy and enjoyable Tubes "Drum Solo" and finally, as I was pulling up to my office parking lot, the Be Bop Deluxe single "Ships in the Night". I was later to work than I like, due to rain delays, so I did not stop and listen to the song by the band I asked Google to play (discounting the solo effort). But I felt well, if mellotronically, treated.

The rain subsided by Noon. I picked up a magazine in Barnes & Noble. After a sandwich, I walked in the shopping center. The work day proved steady and productive.

I left the office at 6:30 p.m. I walked in Green Park, a tiny little park near us--just the place to get 2,000 more steps in. I arrived home. Soon, my wife came in, bringing Beatrice home from a walk. Beatrice was glad to see me, and told me so. Then she waited for me to remove her harness, so that she could get her coveted medicine pill pocket from my wife.

My wife and I went to Firewater near our home, and sat outside in the cool evening air. I had a 6" sirloin steak, roast potatoes and vegetables. My wife had a salad with chicken and a citrus vinaigrette. I peered in the distance at a television screen with a basketball game playing (game 4 of the NBA finals). I am not a huge pro basketball fan, but I wanted the team behind in the series (Cleveland) to win the game and avoid being swept.

We came home, watched Bluebloods, and called it an evening.

Breakfast: erewhon cereal and skim milk
Lunch: t-k-y sandwich and baked chips
Dinner: steak, potatoes and vegetables

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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