Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Finding the inevitable path to the indescribable vision

Two nights ago, the moon was a sliver/crescent, the slimmest moon imaginable, just after a new moon. Today the sky is a field of blue/grey/white, an endless haze, into which one's eyes "fall in", to be lost in daydreams. The television has receded as the channels ascend from a football game into a movie in which Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings lives in a cabin in the woods, practicing her writing craft. Today's noontime curry was followed by a trip to the art supply store and to the Dollar Tree. I was amazed by how many things of interest I could find at Dollar Tree, of all places.

I have that feeling one gets when one "sees" the future stretching before one, and the possibilities enchant. I don't know what 2003 will hold--thrill of victory, agony of defeat--but I see a world of choices and chances ahead. Much of this 2002 was spent under skies in which planets hovered in highly visible formations. Jupiter ellided with Mars which ellided with Saturn. I am not a follower of astrology, but I love that feeling that every sky has moon craters just a binocular-view away, and the planets are not just stories in books, but disks hovering just overhead. Although planets and moons and stars in some ways merely visual effects, I like to imagine that I can treat my own life as a deep sky field of stars, upon which I can train my telescope, and find rich nebulae and star clusters I have overlooked but now can revel in.

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