Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the elegant snail in the rain

It rained most of the night. I awoke at 6 a.m. to the continued steady rain. I listened to music and read my book. I used to listen to:
Sparks, "something for the girl with everything", Modern English, "I'll Melt with You", and David Bowie, "Modern Love".

I set up a new Pandora station called Harry Partch. I listened to a Partch piece followed by a Stockhausen piece. Partch has fascinated me since I first learned of his work. I switched off Pandora and listened to some tracks via Safir Nòu, "Floating on a note", Forrest Fang, "Early Rain" and Cousin Silas, "Study in D". I ate a cereal called Toasted Wheatfuls, with skim milk.

At 9 or so, the rain declined to a sprinkle. I put on my Columbia rain jacket and headed out for a walk on the Watters Branch trail.

I had a really good time. The rain never resumed. I saw 15 species of birds, three rabbits and a particularly charming snail. I walked about 5 miles, from Ridgeview Drive to DaySpring Nature Preserve and then home. I stopped at Sprouts market to buy some popcorn cakes (like rice cakes only more popcorn-y) and some bananas.

I walked home and put Beatrice on the leash. We walked the mile walk around Glendover Pond. She liked the walk, which she took at a very measured pace.

I went and got fish at Chicken Express, along with green beans and corn. At the last moment, I asked to substitute a roll for the 3 hush puppies. The kind fellow who helped me gave me a roll--but curiously, he gave me 3. I brought 2 home with me.

In the afternoon, I drove to the Staples office supply store. I shopped for a way to display something I got for my brother many months ago. A great store employee helped me extensively, and we devised an inexpensive solution that looks great.

He also looked up for me a clearance price on a digital voice recorder which was effect 2/3rds off. I got this for a very reasonable price. I plan to do some field recording for some new songs. My prior recorders perhaps needed a refreshing.

I went home and wrote a detailed positive review of the employee on the store's on-line 'rating' system. I assembled the display. It worked nearly perfectly. Later, my wife added a touch that raised the level of flawlessness to practically perfect in a Poppins-esque way.

We went to Panera for dinner, where I had black bean soup and a vegetarian sandwich. We took another walk in the park.

Now we are watching the regeneration of the Fifth Doctor. Later, we hope to watch "Ashes to Ashes".
(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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