Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Owls released

Tonight I went to the Audubon Society meeting.  This meeting was the final meeting of the year, the annual potluck. I took with me fresh strawberries and a strawberry cheesecake. The meeting was fun. I had a nice chat with the couple at my table. The program was a slide show of the members' photos.  I had five of mine in the slideshow, which were pretty ordinary compared with the world-wide and more professional ones others submitted. But I was glad to see mine in the slideshow anyway.

One highlight of the evening was a release by the local raptor rehabilitation group.  Two owls had been raised from owlet stage, and are now
young, capable owls. Each had been tested for its ability to be independent and passed. Each was released. One flew off, as if hunting. One flw off a bit , but then landed a ways off. Independence strikes everyone a bit differently.

I was pleased to hear the report on all the conservation programs in our region our society reports.  I donate a little each year to that purpose, but might should increase my donation a bit.

At lunch today I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse. I liked the male Painted Bunting singing in the distance. Today the rains were going to come, but never quite came.

Breakfast: cereal and skim milk
Lunch: broccoli, carrots and 3 slices of buffet spinach alfredo pizza
Dinner: smoked chicken, salad, a tiny slice of sweet potato cornbread, a roll, strawberries and pineapple.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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