Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

There must be some problem with my monitor

For some reason, when I put on my LJ user info, the "friend of" list shows that marstokyo deleted her journal. This must be a mistake, the modern equivalent of TV static malfunction, as I'm sure marstokyo knows or must know how important her journal is to my everyday reading here on Livejournal.

When I was five or so, my family got its first color TV. I remember that the TV installer used a wand-like device to test the quality of the color. I somehow got the idea, though, that the little hand-held electric device he was using somehow magically "put the color in" to a black and white screen.

I believe that marstokyo is one of those users who "puts the color in" my LiveJournal experience. Accordingly, I am sorry to see her journal down, and very hopeful that we soon see her journal up and running.

My new maxim for the world to follow? Filter, don't delete.
My old maxim? That part about not letting the bastards get one down.
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