Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

signs and safety and warblers

Saturday I walked Beatrice in the cool morning air.  I ate cereal and skim milk. I voted in the local election, after reading the local Democratic Party voter guide. I walked from Celebration Park in Allen to the Celebration Trail. I saw lots of interesting birds, including a Black-Throated Green Warbler. That was a first for me--a handsome bird in a willow tree. I usted my phone to sort out an ID, saying to google voice "yellow head warbler with black and white wings". Later I used the facebook "what bird?" site to verify my ID.

After a long walk on the loop, I came out on some residential sidewalks. I tried to cross Angel Parkway at Exchange. I entered the pedestrian cross-way under a walk sign. I was  still crossing when a blinking "keep walking but don't start" sign came on. I continued to cross, but the car drivers keep turning in front of me. I made it across.  A man yelled at me from a passing car. He used an expletive as he shouted that he thought I had ignored a sign.

I was in the right, I  thought, but I kept my response civil if not charming. I berated myself later because defensive traffic work  for a bicyclist or pedestrian  means avoiding  even being right, if indeed i was right,  in dangerous situations. Next time I will avoid a dangerous crossing at all. I could have done so by merely walking several blocks to a road underpass. i know it is better t obe safe than right in traffic matters (and who knows? what if I was wrong?).

We ate lunch together at Elke's Market Grill. I loved my turkey sandwich and ham soup chili. I read more of the sci-fi novel I am reading.

I got a haircut at Classic Cuts at Plano.  After a mildly rough sheer start, the hair care professional did a good job in giving me a short haircut with the shears. i stopped by Suncreek Park in Allen. I saw a Nashville Warbler and a female Painted Bunting. This brings my 2017 Collin County count to 93.

We ate Mexican at Rosa's Cafe. My cheese enchiladas were good. We watched excellent episodes of DCI Banks and of Ashes to Ashes.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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