Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dogs and salmon

I felt grateful today for people in my firm who did their jobs well, allowing for a very productive day.  I like days when lots of things get done. Days like this require different folks in different roles doing their job in disparate ways. I sometimes scoff at the term "teamwork", which I find a sometimes misused term liberally used to describe a lot of not-necessariy-healthy power structures. But I was still grateful for our team today.

I dislike what is happening in our nation's capitol, which I view as adversely affecting folks' health care. I have been watching the Glenn Ford/Ron Howard film "Courtship of Eddie's Father".  I have seen it before.  I used to love the Bill Bixby show based upon this movie. But I am not going to watch it again any further.

I am enjoying the sci-fi novel "Wool". I ate several bananas tonight. I saw a tortoise at the park.  The weather is warm. I breakfasted on cereal and skim milk.  I listened to the podcast "Hacker Public Radio". For lunch I had soft chicken tacos. We watched "Blue Bloods" on television.  I took a picture of a dragonfly. I thought it might be a Neon Skimmer, but I think it's not neon enough.

We had dinner at Zoe's, where I had salmon kabob, roasted vegetables and fruit.  I love May days. The local Audubon Society is driving two hours tomorrow to try to see the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, our region's truly lovely and endangered bird. I am not going to go. I probably will not go to the walk in the neighborhood preserve, either. But I may take a long walk with camera and binoculars, to see what I can see.

Perhaps we'll see a movie tomorrow. I hope I get some paperwork done this weekend. I like dogs. I wish to ride my bicycle and take a long walk on the Trinity Trail. I like Spring flowers.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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