Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

I'm an emo transneutered catlover writing fanfic about Harry Potter as a jazz saxophonist

The rich pageant of Livejournal revealed Itself to me this morning, as I reviewed all the different community advertisements available on community_promo. I felt like playing that children's highway game in which one counts license plates or cows, except that I would count the words "emo", "Harry Potter", "deviant", "fanfic", "Cobain", "loves cats" and "dark".

During November, the nanowrimo community lodged dozens of entries a day about the National Novel Writing Month project.
Before the month began, the posts hovered on "how do I name my characters" (I liked the dada generator suggestion best) to "first publication--blood oath or sacred vow?". As the month went on, the posts seemed to fit one of three molds--"post your word count here" (a curious one, since the website for the game already had a word count monitor), "I've done so much and I'm going to/have finished" and "Damn! I'm quitting!". I loved that project, and it appeared far too often in my own journal, and yet, I did find some odd comfort in the notion that "gee, people are even more keyed into this than I am". Meanwhile, the nice person who runs the livebearers community just set up a poll about the community, which is cool, except that the poll is really virtually the only post the community has had for months. I've posted my two cents about the Miracle of Feeder Guppies, more than once, but how many guppy posts can one man make?

I still have some deep seated Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland "we should put on a show" type desire to be a personal community Svengali, but I'm afraid that all my communities would have names like "notsurewhat_emo_means" or "endlesslywordypeople".
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