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I got a set of Twitter tweets from a fellow on my twitter reading list. He just bought a low-price, low-specs laptop after his old-but-powerful laptop bit the dust after some years. He knows I am interested in low-specs laptops, as I have gotten a few to work well with lightweight Linux distributions.  My Twitter friend is running Windows 10, with which I have less experience.  At my office, I still run Windows 7, but we have not yet made the switch to Windows 10.  On my travel laptop I run Linux, and use Libre Office for word processing. I like Libre Office about as well as Word, though I have to remember which controls are located in which locations.

I like that the new generation of lightweight laptops, whether Chromebook or Cloudbook or Stream, all have long battery life.  The Chromebooks have an added advantage in that ChromeOS is such a minimal distribution. But I like Linux distributions with a bit more oomph than ChromeOS and a bit less burden than Windows 10.  I  like the Ubuntu-derived PeppermintOS, which I run on my desktop.  On my laptops, I run Q4OS, a Debian-based distribution.  I like both of them very well, and both fly on the hardware I run.

I like to search my journal to see when things happened. I figured out this morning that I have been using my home desktop computer for 31 months. I got that desktop in refurbished condition--it's a Lenovo ThinkCentre M58. It was several years old when I got it. But it works well for me, and it appears to have life left in it.  I don't have those burdensome uses like heavy gaming or heavy video rendering. But I do moderate audio rendering, which can demand some resources, and I do render a short video from time to time. It's been perfect, and PeppermintOS is so lightweight that it is easy to use on older equipment.

Both of my laptops are years-old things I got in early 2016 via eBay. I did not pay very much for either of them, though I did upgrade my home laptop with an SSD drive. When I first put on the SSD drive, the laptop seemed unnaturally fast. Now I am used to it, and it just seems normal.

I like that keeping a weblog lets me keep track of dates.  I can look up the date I bought my current vehicle, on November 6, 2011. This year I notice that I am putting far fewer miles on today than I usually do. This may be a result of my effort to concentrate on my local neighborhood during my walks. I focus on walks and nearby parks.

My Chevrolet Equinox runs well. I have 106,000 miles on it.  I hope to get to 160,000. For me, 160,000 is a sweet spot. Miles I get over that usually come at a service cost. I like that some people meticulously get 300,000 miles, but I never quite get there. One aside is that while I usually buy new vehicles, I  think I will aim for a used one next time. I think that's mildly greener.

Tonight I walked in Bob Woodruff Park. I saw 5 Eastern Phoebes flitting as a group from area to area.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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