Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ads for new birds and actual skinks

At noon Wednesday I went to the Weight Watchers meeting in Garland.  No meeting had been held on my regular Sunday session because of Easter.  The Garland meeting was near my work.  The lease space was small there, so that everyone was a bit more crowded in. Folks told useful stories of chocolate not eaten and of recipes simplified and un-fattened.  I was down two pounds.

After the meeting I had a sandwich made in a Tom Thumb grocery.  The woman behind the counter was a bit hard of hearing.  I am a bit soft-spoken.  Our communication was imperfect. But I came away with a very nice bit of chicken, some baby white potatoes and a kale salad with a tasty raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I had had instant oatmeal for breakfast. At dinner, we ate London broil, an ear of corn, and salad.

I put out dried mealworms instead of birdseed.  I bought mealworms because my resealable bag of birdseed was empty.  I wanted to get another resealable bag, because experience shows that spilled seed can be an issue with a non-resealable bag.  The woman at the checkout counter told me that her first thought on seeing the bag was that it was for human consumption. I started to launch into the story of the tourist guide that told me of a restaurant in Mexico City which specializes in insect dishes. But it seemed a bit more story than the  situation demanded.
The slogan on the bag advised "attract new birds", since new birds are a goal.  The bag even mentioned bluebirds, which is understandable, as Eastern Bluebirds are lovely.   I spread some dried mealworms on the little memorial bench in our bag yard (Scout's bench).  A few minutes later, I saw a Blue Jay and a Mourning Dove eating the mealworms.  This morning I put more out.  A Northern Cardinal sang in our back yard crape myrtle tree.

Yesterday I walked in Allen Station Park. I saw another hummingbird.  We get hummingbirds mostly as they migrate in Spring and Fall,though a very few will Summer with us. The evening weather was warm and a bit muggy. I took pictures of a skink, one of a couple of skinks who lived together in an old tree stump.

I have plenty to do at work.  I am glad it's only Thursday.

(cross-posted to DW because life is silly)

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