Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

2 slices

I like days like today--quiet, productive work Fridays. 

I tinkered a bit with journal styles.  I find this less fun than playing with computer wallpaper, which I actually do find a little fun. Most styles folks who do journal styles write are too too for my taste. I like things simple.

I got an email from a fellow who told me my music was used in a flash computer game written in the depths of antiquity (i.e., in 2010). He asked me whose song was the main song for the game.  I was pleased to learn I was in the game, a side-scrolling bash-with-swords game. But I did not recognize the other song, though I was pretty sure it was by the songster CDK. I looked up the game author's email address, and wrote off to ask him.

When we got home from work, we put the leash on Beatrice and headed to the park. Beatrice loves her walks, as dogs do. I find it relaxing to walk her around the neighborhood.

I have a fair bit to do this weekend--pay some bills, review and finalize some tax documents, and do some other family-business-y things.
But I hope to get in some great outdoors time, and also to attend an Easter church service. The weather could not be better.

Breakfast: instant oatmeal
Lunch: grilled chicken, green beans and chicken
Dinner: two flavorful slices of cheese pizza

Ambitions: to write a DRM-free ebook that is non-fiction and interesting
                    to make interesting music using only a digital recorder and the FOSS software Audacity
                    to make cool new string-art images using Logo
                    to be kinder each day than I was the day before

Cross-posting among weblog services is a bit like signing up by hologram for simultaneous dance marathons--it may be a bit high-tech, but it's still a bit quaint.

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