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I believe in Fate and Cinema

The movie Patton on television tonight reminded me that George C. Scott was truly born to play the role of GS Patton. Some time ago, when I read War as I Knew It, Patton's autobiographical book, I was intrigued how many things about Patton which seem like satire are rooted in things he actually said and did. Scott's portrayal, and the film in general, at once make for the best war movie and the best anti-war movie. Satire can work, if it is done with a deft touch. Patton is such a fascinating and yet repulsive character. I must read Omar Bradley's autobiography sometime. Karl Malden probably was born to play that role, too. By the same token, Leo McKern was born to play Rumpole of the Bailey. Imagine what it would be like to have one's career culminate in one perfect, timeless role! He is not "like" the Rumpole of the books, he IS the Rumpole of the books. By contrast, though, Alanis Morissette was not really born to play God in a movie, but I think she's a lot of fun in the role anyway.

We went to Home Depot tonight to get our Christmas tree. Although I voted for the inexpensive Scotch Pine, I was outvoted, by a vote of 1 important vote to 1 less important vote, and we settled on a Douglas fir instead. We shopped for the tree in the way that I like to shop for anything. "Could you help us find one?" followed by being shown one, and then saying "We'll take that one!" to the first one we saw. It stands in our front room-cubicle now, and it is grandscrumptious looking. I had a hearty quarter glass of egg nog to celebrate. We'll finish decorating this weekend. I had a brief mental image of an all-succulent plant Christmas, but I kept that vision on daydream level, as I knew I could not make it play in Peoria.

This weekend has been designated "official gurdonark holiday card weekend". My wife is helping do a holiday open house all weekend, so I will need to fill the spare time. I see the smoke clearing a bit on my "to do" list, but it may just be a brief break between cannon blasts. Speaking of blasts, it's wintry cold here now. We did not get snow, but we do have "real" weather now. Saturday it is to get up to fifty degrees. Perhaps I will go to Park Hill Prairie and fish Saturday at dawn, but it will certainly be shivery fishing.

I stopped in the Book Rack used bookstore at noon, though, and picked up a Larry Niven space opera to read. When I was in Arkansas lately, I read a book of Hugo award short stories, including one of the early Anne McCaffrey Pernriders stories. I love sci fi because plot matters in sci fi, and it's okay that it's middle brow. At the dollar store tonight, where I was hoping to get card making materials, I found a Willa Cather paperback (Lark in the Morning?) on sale for 1 dollar. That's my kinda classic--a dollar a pop. I am sure once I have come down from outer space I'll be reading about some forelorn prairie in which a strong protagonist urges on her shiftless brothers. Speaking of strength and prairies, I need to read Sarah--Plain and Tall. I love the Hallmark special, but it seems to me to be a book I should read.

I feel as though my mood is lightening, even as darkest winter lurks ahead.

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