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Driving to work listening to the 4 track DIY tape,
typing documents while Keith Emerson's keyboard stylings wander about (I believe that's "Little Rock Getaway" going now), thinking of writing a poem based on a conversation I had last night ("so you've lived here 14 years...but you don't *really* live in Dallas), posting on the board on important issues of the day (which sells better, dark ambient or light ambient;do you prefer mustard or mayonaisse will no doubt be next for me in my journalistic zeal);
the air has that breezy late March chill, like
the breath of God circulating across the waters, bringing all to life; reading journals at random at dawn--my goodness, high school; putting together a transparent corruplast with a photo behind it for ana k, whom I drew on
postcardx; reading Duncan's Sheik's first CD lyric sheet, barely breathing, chancing across someone's journal who quotes it by chance a day later,
resonating inside with that line "I could stay here waiting/fool for another day/but I don't believe it's worth the price/the price that I would pay/but I'm thinking it over, anyway", and remembering myself at 22; worrying about a sibling matter; trading e mails with another sibling at dawn; watching a three tiered small kite soar overhead, wondering whether tofu beef jerky is in my future....

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