Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

vesper and tofu pho

I stayed up late last night. I watched on television as Mississippi State broke the 111 game winning streak by the University of Connecticut women's basketball team. My sister called me early today, and we had a good chat.

I hit the trail at Allen Station Park at 9 a.m., after a breakfast of corn flakes and skim milk. During my 80 minute walk, I saw my first Vesper Sparrow of the year. I enlisted the folks on the American Birding Association site "What's this Bird?" site to confirm the ID. This sighting brought my 2017 Collin County count to 70.

I went home to await the Sears folks delivering our new washer. Two fellows arrived early with a big truck. But they pronounced the plumbing connection in need of a plumber's attention. So no install could happen.

I took Beatrice for a walk, which she enjoyed. The weather was grand. I got lunch at Chicken Express, peeling off the skin to make the result a bit less fattening.

I gathered up my clothes and went to the local laundromat. I read a novel by Mrs. Oliphaunt while my two washer loads ran and my one dryer load ran. I found it a very restful two hours.

We headed to the local Indian/Mexican fusion place, but it proved too crowded. So we went to Saigon Street, where I had a tofu spring roll and a pho with beef-shaped tofu substituted for beef. I liked it very well.

I've been researching Summer vacations further. I love that every state has interesting and curious places. I am making progress.

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