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Today my wife scheduled for a fellow to come in and install three ceiling fans and a simple light fixture. We moved around furniture to clear the spaces for the installation. The installer let my wife know he was running behind his 11 to 1 estimate, and would give us half an hour notice of his arrival.

At 11:30 a.m. or so, I put Beatrice in my car. I drove her an hour to Bonham State Park in adjacent Fannin County. The weather was near perfect--warm, dry, but overcast. Usually, walks in this park face a bit of mud in Winter or a bit too much heat in Summer. Dry but temperate was better.

A few years ago, when my wife agreed to let a fellow do installation on July 4th, I got Beatrice out of the way of the workers by driving her to Bonham State Park to walk. She took to it like a duck to water, though that July day was very hot.

I wanted her to go to a familiar place, so we went back to the park. When we arrived, the nice park ranger said kind things to and about her. Beatrice used to be 12 but looked 3. Now she is 17 and looks about 17. But she is spry.

She loved to walk in the park--it was shady, pleasant and dry. we walked for 90 minutes. My wife called to say the installation was almost done, and we could come home. The installer, it came out, was a huge Pug fan, eager to meet Beatrice, a puggle. but we missed meeting him by the time I drove home. Beatrice got a nice nap on my car's passenger seat. When she is not tired, she often stands in my lap as I drive. Her two mile walk was roughly 3/4 of a mile longer than her usual park walk.

On the lake I saw a curious bird--a merganser, a type of duck. I looked it up and found it was a Red-Breasted Merganser, a rarity migrating through.

I walked another half an hour in our little Glendover Park, while Bea rested.

At 5:30 we met my wife's friend Malika, and we all ate a fine dinner at Gordon Biersch in Plano. I had a 7 oz. sirloin steak, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. I had only had 4 skim milk cheese sticks for lunch, so this all was grand.

We enjoyed dining with and then walking with Malika as she and my wife talked. Malika, who had returned from visiting family in India, gave my wife a lovely olive top she brought back from home and a little necklace. It was a really nice thing to do. She suggested we visit Ireland on vacation.

I came home, ate a skinny cow ice cream treat, and settled in for a quiet evening.

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