Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

If you were me

Today I walked three miles.

If you walk three miles in my moccasins, then:

1. First of all, they are not moccasins. They are light green well-used L.L. Bean walking shoes, though you change to more business-appropriate shoes in the office.

2. Your motto for this Winter is "don't tell me the temperature, tell me the wind speed".

3. At Church's Chicken, the people behind the counter know your weekly order, because you order the same thing every week--chicken breast, chicken leg, original recipe, small fries.

4. You navigate the high-fat biscuit conundrum by breaking the biscuit in half, and then breaking the half-biscuit in half, eating the resulting quarter.

5. On the way to the chicken place, you stop at Salmon Park, a park with a small baseball field, a covered enclosure, a basketball court and a very long strip of land. You walk the strip of land to the rear, looking for birds. You see a Red-Shouldered Hawk in flight, its piercing cries reverberating through the sky. You watch two American Crows harass the hawk, "mobbing" the hawk. One hawk is more than a match for a crow, but two crows can harass a hawk. This particular harassed hawk called its mate, who came and helped convince the crows to quit the field.

6. When you feel the nip in the air, you put a second sweater on over your fleece.
You live by the philosophy "dress warmer than need be".

7. You change your work email password to something no bot can guess.

8. You wander Crowley Park in Richardson after work, where little birds with a flicking tail called Eastern Phoebes hold your attention.

9. A young woman who speaks a first language other than English is in the park trying to take selfies by a blooming sapling pear tree. She wears a mask over her face as a defense against pollen. She wears glasses on her face as a defense against myopia. She asks you, in somewhat accented English, to please take her picture by the tree. You notice the sapling, which you saw on a previous visit, still sits, unplanted, in its root-covering sack. The young woman hands you her phone. Mandarin characters border the camera focus field. You snap her picture with her phone. "Wait, another', you say. "Is that what you wanted?", you ask. She says she is pleased. You wander off to hunt titmice. You see Chipping Sparrows instead.

10. For dinner, your wife made turkey burgers. These taste great, and you eat a Skinny Cow low-fat ice cream snack for dessert. You take a call from your brother-in-law, a fine fellow.

11. Your Sunday went well. You started off on the Chisholm Trail, a set of sidewalks along a creek. This Cooper's Hawk lands not too far from you.

You go to Weight Watchers at 9:30 a.m. You stand during the meeting, as this is almost like exercise. The leader, Bernice, always tells you to participate more. You told her in the past that your introvert/extrovert mix differs from hers. Today a participant wonders how to tell a friend she wants to meet for shared experiences other than meals. The leader says "who has a way to say 'let's not jut have meal get-togethers, let's do other things". You suggest "why not simply say 'let's not jut have meal get-togethers, let's do other things'. As often happens when you speak, the leader throws a little shade on your idea, telling you that your words are direct but your tone is off. You suspect you go through life with misunderstood tonality. You remember why you rarely speak, but you also resolve to avoid any snarky tone of voice.

12. Every Sunday morning you stop briefly in a park on your way from Weight Watchers to church. This particular Sunday you choose Oak Point Park. A nice woman walking a Doberman mixed with all sorts of cool Heinz 57 colors points out to you the hawk's nest. You'd seen it before, but it's good to see it again. You snap photos of Eastern Bluebirds and wonder which swallow flew by.

13. In church, you eschew the main service in the sanctuary, where hundreds of people go. You choose instead the study service in the chapel. The chapel features temporary chairs and an aesthetic that fits the term "rec room". The sermon discusses popular half-truths. In this case, the sermon discusses that the phrase "God Helps those who Help Themselves" originated in Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac" and not the Bible. You like singing the old hymns.

14. Sunday for lunch you go to a KFC. You like KFC grilled chicken, but your local stand lacks good organization. When Sunday at Noon:15 they lack a grilled chicken breast, you leave. You head to El Pollo Loco. In the line at El Pollo Loco you see that nice couple who used to go to your church but now go to the church you visit sometimes. You shake hands with one of them, and then you order. You get a chicken breast a chicken wing, three corn tortillas and two orders of steamed broccoli.

15. Sunday afternoon you organize paperwork for various family business tax things. You fail to make things tidy, but you nearly get things organized. You find yourself pleased with yourself.

16. You do not recall when you feel asleep on Sunday night, but you wake up on Monday morning at 8 a.m.

17. You talk Monday to a nice phone representative in Mississippi about an insurance matter. He makes your day easier.

18. Sunday you walk 4 miles, and your dog joins you for one of those miles. Your dog makes you happy, every time.

19. Monday you read the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the new Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act. You note without surprise the projection within in it projects a 24 million person increase in the uninsured. You find yourself surprised,though, that it fails to predict a collapse of the individual insurance market, and resolve to try to drill down and understand its thinking.

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