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folks under stress

Yesterday as I drove to work, I got on a crowded part of the Central Expressway. I usually try to avoid heavy traffic using side streets and access roads. This time, though, I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I noticed a fellow in the lane next to me with a license plate that said a single word name. Apparently, I did not notice that he had his signal on to try to get into my lane. When I passed his car, I saw him say something unpleasant and make the proverbial obscene gesture. I felt a bit badly that I had not seen his turn signal on, and let him in my lane. I also felt a bit intrigued by the road rage I could see but not hear. I thought to myself, also, a bit irrelevantly, that it makes less sense to show road rage when one is using an easy-to-remember vanity plate. But it was a non-sequitur.

I office in a two-story office park office building next to a retail shopping center. In effect, our offices are atop a retail store. Across a parking lot a set of apartments called "Parkside" sits. They look to be nice apartments. I see people walking dogs and getting and out of cars and doing people things there from time to time.

Today across the parking lot street from the apartment building, someone's possessions were stacked at Noon just off the curb into an empty field. I knew this was a situation in which someone had been evicted in an unlawful detainer case, failed to move out, and had a writ of possession served by the sheriff, resulting in removal of the tenant's belongings to the curb.

At first I worried because two people were stacking some of their things into a car. I wondered if there were something I could do to help. But when I came back from lunch, I saw they had friends or family and at least one pick-up truck and helpers. I felt better for them. When I left in the early evening, though, there were a few pieces of sofa-type stuff still unmoved. I hope they got back and got the rest of their things.

People always say we should stop having talks with family or social media posts with friends and pay more attention to folks around us. Perhaps there is something to that--but I will pass on belligerent fellow drivers.

Early in my career, I used to regularly handle the landlord side of unlawful detainer cases, and, more rarely, the tenant side. It does not happen often that one must actually have the sheriff serve and execute the writ to put the landlord back into possession. I never minded handling the legal work on either side of those cases. I seemed to be fortunate when I did the landlord side that the tenants as a rule richly deserved to be evicted. Richly deserved it, that is, if people can deserve or not deserve such things.

I walked at lunch in Salmon Park. I walked after work in Crowley Park in Richardson. I liked the large Red-Tailed Hawk in Crowley Park.

Breakfast: instant oatmeal
Lunch: Church's fried chicken leg and breast with fries and 1/4th of a biscuit
Dinner: a wonderful Dover sole with a sweet potato and salad

We watched Midsommer Murders, Vera and a show of George Harrison tributes. I fell asleep during Vera before the murder got solved. Irread about Kalispell and Mt. Ida.

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