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self-pub and sci experiments

In the early morning I purchased and downloaded Mark Dennis' ebook "My Patch". This book deals with the idea of eschewing going far afield to watch birds in favor of one's local "patch" or area. This fits well with my 2017 approach.

I try to keep a better record of the local birds in the parks near my home and work. I log into eBird the results for almost every time I walk out-of-doors. So far this helps me see what I see each day and each month a bit better. It all feels like a great science experiment, and I am the variable and the constant.

I got "My Patch" at the website. I never shopped there before. It's a self-publishing forum. I like the site because its ebooks are DRM-free. I have had great experiences with self-published books, and a less-than-ideal experience with a sci-fi self-published book or two. But I tend to like to rad small press, micropress and self-published works some decent percentage of the time. My only criticism of most micro-presses is that they tend to orient too heavily toward poetry, fiction and polemic. So often I think that they should focus on non-fiction things that lack sufficient mainstream coverage.

Last night I had a bad experience when an ebook publisher sold me an .epub edition of a book, only to let me know post-purchase that it was encumbered with Adobe Digital Editions DRM. If I wanted DRM, I would just get the book from or Amazon. But I want things I can read on my computer ebook package. I think I should start a Creative Commons micropress publishing ebooks--like a print netlabel. I love netlabel music, and thus should encourage netprint.

After a breakfast of cinnamon-infused oats and skim milk, I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. Work proved busy and full of life. At lunch I walked in Breckinridge Park. Then I ate pepperoni pizza, alfredo pizza, broccoli and carrots for lunch while reading about open source digital audio workstations.

After work I walked for a few moments in Shawnee Park in Plano. Then I headed home and watched robot spies on the program Nature. My wife made a great chicken dish, along with a salad with pears and sweet potatoes.

Now we are watching "Modern Family".

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