Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fixed debs

The folks at the Q4OS forum helped me restore my computer to good health. I felt relieved to avoid re-installing the operating system. I appreciated the extensive help. I re-connected my system to the software repository with that guidance, and updated my computer to Q4OS 1.8.2, based on Debian 8.7.

Today turned pleasingly warm. I walked in Breckinridge Park at lunch. I saw a Black Vulture, a Red-Shouldered Hawk, several Eastern Bluebirds and an Eastern Phoebe, among other birds. My plan to keep birding records of as close to every casual walk as I can manage has been interesting. In January 2016 I saved 5 checklists on with a total of 31 different species. In January of 2017, so far I saved 42 checklists with a total of 57 species. Last year my count for the whole year was just 103 or so. The point of keeping so many lists is not to see if I can increase my annual count, though. It's to get more useful records for each park I visit. I want to create a good year-round record for my local parks.

A work email delay issue proved less than optimal today. I hope it is fixed tomorrow. After work I walked in Crowley Park in Richardson near dark. I liked the Red-Tailed Hawk I saw.

Food I ate today:
1 cup of Kix cereal, skim milk, raw broccoli, cubed pineapple, 2 slices 12" pepperoni pizza, 1 slice of zesty ham and cheddar pizza, 1 baked chicken breast, a cup of salad with spinach predominant, a skinny cow ice cream snack and multi-colored rotini.

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