Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Work today went well. I work again tomorrow afternoon. On my way to work, I stopped to walk on the Chisholm Trail near Orlando just off Alma in Plano. Though the temperature was cold, the weather was pleasant. During a brief walk, I watched the birds--Blue Jays, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, a Carolina Chickadee, two White-Winged Doves. I heard a higher-pitched sound and looked up. I saw a Golden-Crowned Kinglet high up in a tree, doing its jitterbug flitting from branch to branch. This brought my county count up to 51 for this month (and hence, for this year).

I ate three soft chicken tacos for lunch, and turkey with cabbage and turnip greens for dinner we got at Market Street. I like turnip greens. But I puzzle, sometimes, why mustard greens, one of my favorite greens, never pops up in restaurants.

My computer froze during an upgrade a few weeks ago, and now appears to be unable to update from its software repository. I got some help from the Q4OS forum. If I cannot sort out all sorts of things about editing something called source.list, I'll reinstall. This is easy enough, but requires me to do a fair bit of customization to get my various things working as I want to do. Either way, I'll sort it out.

The weather guy on television just said "weekend warmup". I favor this.

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