Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

knew nothing, learn nothing

1. Myspace was killed by ads and spam. Facebook may be killed by talking points

2. I like the taste of apples but not the cores.

3. I heard a man on the radio today talking about a small city's pilots' club. The club maintains two small planes for students and hobbyists to fly. He advised that flying was in the reach of someone of middle income.

4. I read about the Know-Nothing Party, also known as the American Party, an ignoble precursor of some current political currents. I learned that civil war General Nathaniel Banks had been a Congressman representing that party. General Banks was the incompetent leader of the Red River Campaign. This was related to a Civil War battle near where my father grew up, the Battle of Poison Spring. In that battle, a Confederate force attacked a Union supply train managed by soldiers from Kansas. The Confederates won, and committed war crimes in the course of that battle against African-American soldiers. In turn, the particular Union force arguably particpated in war crimes against native American Confederate soldiers in an earlier battle. The term "Poison Spring" came from an apocryphal story that Confederates poisoned the springs near the battleground.

That battle was part of the failed Camden, Arkansas Campaign. The house my parents lived in from 1975 until their passing from this earth was occupied briefly by Union Forces during that campaign. My father could find mini-balls and uniform buttons with his metal detector.

I hate the idea of any war, but take some comfort in the fact that both sides in the war in Arkansas were fundamentally more or less complete incompetents at making war.If only it were true that incompetents could not inflict death, too.

5. I downloaded an album by Simon Waldram today after buying it on Bandcamp. Simon is from Nottinghamshire in the UK. When I was looking into places to travel Summer before last, Nottingham looked like it had nice walks nearby. I like those of Simon's songs I have heard so far. He did an album years ago with a song called "The Archerfish" that I liked.

6. Today I lived in the uncertainties, and I was fine.

7. Today I ate cacao cereal, skim milk, broccoli, carrots, pepperoni pizza, Santa Fe chicken pizza, green beans with ham, an oven-roasted chicken breast, assorted apples, a Skinny Cow low-fat ice cream bar, a shortbread Scottie Dog and a tea biscuit.

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