Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Canada, 50

A bit more seasonal today--which is to say a bit more cold, but not truly cold, and very breezy/chilly. Beatrice woke me at 5:30 a.m. by licking the back of my head.This reminded me of our late dog Scout, who woke me in the same way twenty-five years ago. Beatrice likes our morning ritual, in which I eat oatmeal or breakfast cereal and, while I eat, slip her tiny mini milk bones, usually by placing them on my knee for her to grab. Ten mini milk bones last about one bowl of oatmeal.

Today my Kix cereal tasted very kix-y. At Church's chicken the woman behind the counter was new, so I had to recite my standard order--chicken breast, chicken leg, and fries. I always eat 1/4th of the biscuit. Tonight my wife made a great chicken and corn soup.

I got some paperwork on a hobby project, and, thanks to an assist from my assistant, send in the right paperwork to deal with it.

At lunch I walked in Travis Farm Park. After work, I walked in Breckinridge Park.
The flock of 31 Canada geese that flew over and landed seemed pretty commonplace.
After all, Canada geese are abundant here. But when I logged them into my eBird record, they turned out to be the first ones I have logged since 2016. This marks 50 different species in Collin County for 2017--56 I have logged in all counties in the State this year.

Tomorrow I will get more things done, and work to generate good will without stress.

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