Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold hawky

The morning dawned cold, warmed for a few minutes, and then wore into the afternoon even colder. At Noon I went to Salmon Park in Sachse, where a huge Red-Tailed Hawk contemplated life. I ate lunch at Church's chicken, which complemented nicely the morning multi-grain cheerios. After work, I came home and threw Beatrice's toy. A non-work project made good progress today thanks to help from another participant.

I enjoy reading "The Diary of a Nobody", because a light comic novel seems just what the doctor ordered. This weekend I will walk in the cold, perhaps see a movie and work more on a non-work project.

This evening I researched the horse-drawn timber sled called a Go-Devil, grimaced at the latest news of the incoming Congress, and thought about 2017.
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