Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

goodbye mantle

This morning I worked from home in the morning. I dislike working from home, as I get more done at my office. But I agreed to be home at 11 a.m. to allow an eBay purchaser pick up our used fireplace mantle. I was able to get some things done, despite working from home.  I wish, with hindsight, I had set the pick-up for a Saturday.  My kind purchaser arrived an hour late, but she and her father were very nice folks. We loaded the mantle on their trailer, and they were off.  est

I skipped lunch, though I did grab a Nutri-Grain blueberry cereal bar and a Nature's Valley fruit and nut chewy granola bar. I had had Kix breakfast cereal and skim milk for breakfast, so I was fine.  I got a lot done at work. Meanwhile, a cold front moved in all day. By day's end, things were above freezing but quite chilly. This was a huge contrast after yesterday's warm weather.

After work, I stopped by the Tom Thumb supermarket on Hedgecoxe in Plano for bananas and multi-grain Cheerios.

In the past two weeks, my album "Reflections of Self" sold a few copies. I credit a shout-out in a recent music weblog post by C. Reider.

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