Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a new year, with baked potato

On Sunday, I started my morning with Kix cereal and skim milk. I walked on the Chisholm Trail off Rainier. The misty-rainy morning weather brought out the birds.  I went to Weight Watchers, where I was down a bit over three pounds. My wife and my niece headed off to shop. I went to Suncreek UMC for a Sunday service.  After a lunch of three soft tacos at Taco Casa, I went to Bethany Lakes Park. I saw two Northern Pintails and a wealth of Yellow-Rumped Warblers. I went home and gave Beatrice a walk. Later in the afternoon, I went to Green Park, where I wandered among American Robins, White-Winged Doves and Cedar Waxwings. My wife and my niece came home very happy from shopping, at which many things were gazed upon but few, if any, things were purchased.  I downloaded "A Diary of a Nobody" by the Grosssmiths from and began reading it upon my ereader.  I like this work, whose protagonist/diarist's foibles remind me of my own weblog.

When I reviewed my records for 2016, I noticed that I did not upload enough results from my local park and hiking paths. I resolved in 2017 to record more of my local results, to make 2017 a record of my mundane bird-watching places. I think it will be a more useful eBird record that way.

In the evening, my wife used our newish grill to cook up strip steak and potatoes. She and I split a steak and a potato, while my niece had a half of each of her own. They came out great. We all settled in and watched a new episode of "Sherlock Holmes", which we all enjoyed. We went to sleep early, but awoke at just before 4 a.m. to find "The Man who Knew Too Much" on the movie channel on television. Afterward, the Hitchcock film about the body in Vermont. I wanted to stay up, but decided to sleep.  I did not hear the rainstorm, though my niece tells me it was fierce.

I got up this morning and worked on an important hobby project. I ate Kix cereal and skim milk for breakfast. I took my niece to Aaron Brothers in Frisco, a chain frame shop with a good art supply inventory. She bought some acrylics and two paint brushes, the latter being on a two-for-one sale.  Then I drove her down to Love Field Airport. She made it in good time for her flight, though the airport was crowded. We loved having her visit.

I stopped by Dickey's BBQ for chicken breast, green beans and half a roll. Then I came home and took Beatrice for a walk. She now takes 35 minutes walk what used to be 30 minutes around the pond. But she still loves to go.  She also loves our new living-room rug, a bit of squared-off carpet which makes for good dog resting places.

When we returned from our walk, I found two elementary-school age young men raking our front yard. Our front yard is not large, and our trees are a couple of decent-sized but not huge Crape Myrtles. It transpired that they had come to our door and solicited our custom, which caused my wife to hire them on the spot. They did a good job, particularly after my wife tutored them in the art of not-over-filling-lawn-bags.
The workers were worthy of their hire.

My wife headed off to run errands. I will take a long walk, and then get some home things done. Tomorrow is back to work.

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