Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

horse gear day

Today proved amazingly pleasant--it could have been Spring.

My niece and I each had Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal. My wife had a yogurt. My niece and I gave Bea a quick walk, but the cold wind cut it a little short.  We then headed to Dover Saddlery in Richardson, a local outlet of a small chain devoted to English riding tack. My niece got a girth, which is apparently the English riding term for a cinch. I got Beatrice a warmer dog jacket. We ate lunch at La Madeleine, where I had a bowl of fruit and a turkey sandwich. We drove an hour north to the town of Whitesboro, where we visited a huge western and tack store called Dennard's. I did not realize until today that horse riding tack was such a thing.  We stopped at a Sonic for drinks. Then we drove and walked in nearby Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve. We saw thousands of Snow Geese, numerous Great Blue Herons, lots of Northern Cardinals, a Northern Harrier, an American Kestrel, and several cute dogs.
We drove back home to Spazo, a great Italian restaurant, where the baked ziti was good. I ate half my meal, and boxed the rest, which still may have been a multiple of what Weight Watchers considers a portion. My wife and I walked Beatrice.   We all went to the movie Sing! at the Allen Cinemark, which we enjoyed. Now we are crashed out and it's still almost 2 hours to the New Year.

A happy New Year's to all! Kind wishes for a gentle 2017.

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